The three p’s

Found this today. A blog I failed to post. No longer am I living in Norway but thought it should be added to the rest of my adventures…..

Yes it’s been 6 months since my last post…. this is down to a number of reasons.

1. I’m lazy.

2. The weather here has been amazing and I have been spending many a days swimming in the fjord.

3. I go through fazes. One minute I want to be a writer, the next a yoga teacher… but more recently I think I have what it takes to be a farmer.

So whats new?

I no longer attend Norwegian lessons. I would love to tell you this is because I am now fluent and can confidently converse with the locals. Sadly this isn’t the case, I dropped out. Yep, I got to level 1 and just couldn’t take anymore. It wasn’t the tutors, the people or the language… it was me, I’m just not made for speaking another language. At least not at the pace everyone else was learning. Instead I have a very kind Norwegian neighbour who sits with me for a couple of hours a week and patiently helps me understand the basic Norwegian I am yet to grasp.

But…….. I can proudly say I now know the difference between:

  • Pølse (sausage)
  • Pose (bag)
  • Pause (break)

I know what your thinking… there is an obvious distinction between all of them, Nope! Not to my ear. For a long time I thought everyone who said one of these 3 words to me was asking if I wanted a sausage.

Example: I have just finished loading my trolley of groceries at the local supermarket. I walk up to the cashier and start putting them onto the conveyer. As the cashier is scanning them he/she (this has happened many a times) looks at me and says “pose” but what I hear is “pølse”. I raise my eyebrows as if to say…. If I wanted a sausage I would have asked for one, but instead I say, “Nei, Takk” and smile politely. I then stand patiently waiting for a plastic bag. When the plastic bag doesn’t appear I get the cashiers attention. “Excuse me, can I have a bag please”? They look at me strangely for a second and then pass me a couple.

Another example: I am sitting in the classroom of my Norwegian lesson waiting for break to arrive. The tutor stands and says a few sentences to the class (I have no idea what they mean) but I do hear one word that I understand… again, ‘pølse’ (He actually said ‘pause’) As I look I notice everyone including the tutor starts to make their way out of the classroom. I take this as a sign that break has arrived and everyone is off to buy a sausage. I stay back and text Paul. “I have just been told to go buy a sausage for dinner, what if I don’t want a sausage?”. I didn’t want to appear rude so I quickly packed my things up and went in search of one. On my return I pass two girls from Thailand who are also on my course. I noticed they were eating what looked like home cooked Thai food that smelled amazing. I took a seat in front of them continued to eat my sausage and thought… A bit rude really, we were told to try the sausages, not bring our own food.

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1 Response to The three p’s

  1. Sal Søren says:

    Very funny!!!
    I’m still laughing!!!

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