Beautiful people.

One of the many things that stand out about Bergen is the beautiful people. These are the laid back but organised, friendly yet aloof people you find smiling around the City. They walk with an air of confidence that the English would wrongly diagnose as arrogance. They are a nation that do not feel the need to be overly polite but will happily point you in the right direction with their perfect English. They do not want to know your life story nor do they feel the need to tell you theirs. They are comfortable with just simply being.

And when I say beautiful, I really do mean beautiful. Not the beauty you see in magazines or on TV, (although, you wouldn’t need to walk far before you spotted someone you believe has just walked out of a fashion shoot) these people radiate. Go into the City during the day and you will find many a people walking, jogging, cycling and street skiing. On their way up the mountain for a spot of cross-country or merely a wander. The outdoors is part of their existence and you can’t help but follow. You want to be the lady who runs in cycling shorts with such strength (well, maybe not in cycling shorts) or the bearded man who has just come down from climbing a mountain. With their healthy glow, strong legs and smiles you start to question why every country isn’t the same.

So its not surprising when last night while peering over Mr Handley’s shoulder I found him looking at this little gem.


I believe he has opted for this one….. apparently it will give him the right level of masculinity he is looking for, while at the same time say to people “I climbed a mountain today”!!


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4 Responses to Beautiful people.

  1. Seenorway says:

    It was rather fun to read a description of a ‘Norwegian’ as seen through the eyes of a pretty, young British woman! Oh yes, I observed that you said ‘from Bergen’ 🙂 , but the people from Bergen are no different to the Norwegians living elsewhere in the country (They just think they are!) 😀

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog, by the way! Interested in Norway, you’ll find about 2400 ‘full screen’ photos displayed. Please enjoy! Via my INDEX you’ll probably find ‘Bergen Panaorama’, and that’s gonng give you ‘the lay of the land’.
    Welcome to Norway!

  2. Seenorway says:

    To make it easy on you – being new and all 🙂 – I found the link to Bergen panorama for you:

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