I love Bergen!!


We are lucky enough to have the City of Bergen within driving distance from us. Being the 2nd biggest City in Norway it doesn’t disappoint. This weekend was the perfect time for a visit. With temperatures hitting as low as -5 and snow on the ground the scenery would be amazing and it was. The landscape consisted of mountains covered in blankets of the white stuff, dotted with houses of reds, yellows and blues… looking down from above to a City buzzing full of beautiful people.

What I love most about this City is that it feeds my “feeling cultural” days. These are days when I wake up want to put on a pair of brogues, pop my reading glasses on, find a bohemian cafe and pretend to read. I also have “continental days” but thats another story. I like to think I’m not the only soul who has these days …. in fact I know I’m not. Mr Handley has a flat cap, thick framed reading glasses and a man bag for such occasions. (although he wouldn’t admit to it)

So today, to my delight was a “feeling cultural” day. So I showered, donned my knitted wear, found my book and headed for the City. After a little wander, a visit to the Nespresso Shop (the bag always adds to the effect and says to the world “I drink real coffee!!”),  the consumption of a reindeer burger from the Christmas market, we headed to ‘Krok og Krinkle Bokcafé‘ for a varm sjokolade (hot chocolate). This is a tiny vintage cafe with walls filled with books and quirky art. By what I could see everyone there was having a similar day to myself, so we sat as one soaking up the atmosphere while crossing our legs and pretending to read together.

On the way back to the car park while travelling up the escalators I noticed Paul was  staring at me.

“Are you ok Emma?” he asked  ….. “you look really deep in thought”.

I looked at him and gave a little sigh.

“I really need a poo”……… I think this answer was a sign that my ‘cultural day’ had drawn to a close.

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10 Responses to I love Bergen!!

  1. Tanya Jacobs says:

    Keep it coming em – really enjoying it x

  2. taceymiff says:

    Hahaha. Marvellous.
    This is great reading.

  3. sukitonks says:

    This makes Fab reading!!

  4. Me too – only been once but very impressed!

  5. gael says:

    Hi Emma. Just wondered if your still living in Bergen ?

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