Spot the English folk…….

 Spot the English folk……


As far as I know, we are the only English family living in our little space of what is known as “The Green Island”. We briefly met a man when we first moved here who was also English, but he had married a Norwegian woman and had two Norwegian children, so he doesn’t count.

There are many reasons why we would stand out.

To name a few……

There is an on going issue involving cats which I will talk about in more detail another time, but basically I have become (to my satisfaction) `The cat lady`. Another was the `postbox` incident. This involved 4 days of repeatedly stepping out of the house, looking at the spot that once housed our postbox and looking around perplexed as to where it had disappeared to. One that probably stands out the most is my need to say hello to everyone I meet, I think this comes from four years of living in a small village…… I did this up until Paul was told by a colleague that there are four reasons why a stranger would say hello:

  1. They are drunk
  2. They are insane
  3. They are American
  4. They are all of the above

Needless to say, I am trying to curb my enthusiasm.

But today has bought a whole new reason why we stand out….. the snow!!!! 

The English love to obsess about the weather. We build every forecast up into a frenzy and then feel let down when it doesn’t provide us with a reason to stop life and just enjoy. Well today I got just that!!

It has snowed here all night and most of the day. I would even go as far as saying I cannot remember ever seeing this much snow…. But it doesnt only bring me satisfaction, I am also feeling a little anxious. My experience of snow is short lived, it involves a brown slush-like substance, not fields of beautiful white glistening sheets. So because I am convinced all this will be gone by the morning, I have made sure that I have proof that this day really happened. I have taken photos….. oh so many photos. Photos of the snow from every angle possible, of every view from every window in my house, a photo of the front of the house, of the back of the house, I have stood at the end of my garden wearing nothing but my pyjamas admiring how the snow goes above my ankles and taken photos, I have taken photos of the cats getting lost in the sheer depth of it, how the wind makes it look like a mini snow storm….. I have paused waiting for it to begin snowing again so I can take more photos. And I know that while I am doing this, my Norwegian neighbours are sitting in their warm houses watching the strange English woman…. but I don’t care…. because its really snowing!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Spot the English folk…….

  1. Karen says:

    Tillie is demanding snow like this when she visits xxxx

  2. Liz B says:

    I’d be just the same hun… bring on the crazy English!!! Miss you x

  3. I hear you. I lived in Bergen for four years. Lovely blog, it makes me feel all sentimental

  4. Thank you Heather… It means a lot that people are taking the time to read it

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