When the lights went out…..

When the lights went out.....

When the lights went out……….

Yesterday we went into good old fashion meltdown…. the electric cut out. I would like to say it happened to the whole street (or rather the 5 or so houses surrounding us) but nope, just us. This was down to the fact that we hadn´t informed the electric company we were living here, so they didn´t inform us that they were switching the electric off. Fair enough!!  So at 2pm we had no electric, at 4pm we were in complete darkness. A trip to ikea to feast on kjøttboller (meatballs) ensured that we were fed, watered and on our way back to a very cold (well sort of cold) house with 2 ridiculously large bags full of candles.

At first we did what English folk do best….. we made a huge deal out of the smallest of things. “my god, its snowing outside and we have no heating”. “How are we going to make ourselves a coffee in the morning?” “Ben you’re going to have to have cold milk on your cereal”. We then went through all the reasons why the electric company should have been more empathic about our situation. “We could be an elderly couple freezing to death”. “I could be on a dialysis machine”. “We could have a new born baby…”. Of course we were none or had none of these things, we were simply two adults, in good health, with bags full of candles, a working gas camping stove and a 9 year old boy. We also knew that there was a very good chance that the electric would be switched back on by midday the next day.

So, after spending forever lighting all the candles, we cuddled on the sofa and enjoyed an evening of beer, followed by whiskey while Ben watched Toy Story and fell asleep. Yep, the MacBook Air that I detest came in very useful.

We realised that our lives revolve so much around gadgets, phones, internet….. even music, that we forget that sometimes its just nice to sit, read a book in a quiet dim room or chat away for hours….. but next time we will try and leave the whiskey for another day. Waking to a hangover in a pitch black cold house is not fun.

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2 Responses to When the lights went out…..

  1. Karen says:

    Haha Em only you two could have forgot to inform the electric company!! Enjoying your blog xx

  2. Cheers Kaz….. Its my new addiction. xx

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