About me….


Hei. So I´ve listed some of the reasons why I should not do a blog, but I have one big reason as to why I should….

I´m new in Norway!!!!

I´m Emma, married with 2 children and currently living just outside of Bergen in Norway. I am originally from Birmingham in England where I have lived nearly all of my life with the exception of 4 years in Derbyshire.

My life has changed considerably over the last year. It started off (after much deliberating) with my Husband moving to Bergen in January 2013 to start his new job. Me and the children stayed in England so they could finish the school year. My Daughter who turned 16 in August was studying for her GCSE exams so it was a very important time for her. The months that my Husband was here, we visited him a few times. Our first experience of Norwegian life was in a log cabin, next to the Fjord in Fana. The scenery was breathtaking as was the very cold weather. It was here that I first fell in love with the City of Bergen.

Unfortunately it was after this visit that my Daughter decided that moving to Norway wasn´t for her. This hit us hugely and we were left feeling at a loss of what to do. We knew it wasn’t something that she was 100% up for doing, but we hoped that in time she would settle and learn to enjoy the experience for what it was. The thought of moving here without her was unimaginable, but after talking it over, we decided that it was important that she was given the choice. She chose to move in with her Dad and continue her studies in Birmingham.

So, after the shock of eldest child moving away from us (or rather we moving away from her) at the grand age of 16, I started to organise for our big move. The check list was immense….. removals, what do we do with the cat?, Notifying schools, finding new schools, finding somewhere to live, packing, handing notice in at work….. the list went on.

Me and my Son moved out here on the 2nd August. After a very emotional goodbye to friends, family and especially my Daughter we were eventually sitting on a plane (with me sobbing) on our way to starting a new chapter in Norway!!

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10 Responses to About me….

  1. Mjollnir says:

    Welcome to wet and wetter Bergen! You’ll know you’ve acclimatised when you develop webbed digits and an organic umbrella sprouts out your head! 😀

  2. Louise Andrews says:

    hello, liz and maggie have told the rest of us croak girls about your blog and i have enjoyed reading it so far. maybe you could invite us over for a ‘croak holiday’?! what fun that would be, i’ve always wanted to visit norway 🙂
    i shall look forwad to your future posts to get to know more about what it’s like over there.
    i’m louise, 33, married with 2 boys in ilkeston and i’ve been attending croak since march 14th as my son is looking to have adhd and after waiting 18 months to get an appointment {the nice doctor decided we’d waited long enough due to an uncooperative yr2 teacher} she said she will be looking for a primary dx of adhd.
    kind regards.

    • Hi Louise…. Thank you for reading the blog…. Haven’t wrote on it for a while due to Christmas. So glad you found CROAK they are a fantastic bunch of people…. Especially that Liz. Have you joined Derbyshire Carers Association too? You come under my old area which is now covered by a lovely woman who would be happy to give you a ring. You never know….. A CROAK outing to Norway could be possible. Take care xx

  3. Louise Andrews says:


  4. MiaMusings says:

    Thanks for following my blog! Just been browsing through yours and enjoying norway! Its a country i would love to visit….until then, will see it through your blog 🙂

  5. kilted1 says:

    I’ve lived in Norway for 20 years . Nice to read what others think of it.Good luck with the Norwegian.
    It goes in stages.
    1. You start to understand more and more.
    2. You become able to communicate in Norwegain But eveyone wants to speak English to you.
    3 When in a group you can understand whats being said, but by the time you formulate a sentance in your head . the conversation has moved on.
    4. The above only gets better with time and practice.

    Good luck :0)

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